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Transition Reviews

From Year 9, annual reviews of EHC plans should include a focus on preparing for adulthood.

If your child has an EHC plan, the planning for the future should start as part of the Year 9 Annual Review – this is sometimes referred to as a transition review.

This review aims to assess a young person's progress in education and life skills. This is to ensure the EHCP accurately describes the child or young person’s needs and provides the support they will require in their next placement. It also gives the child or young person and their parents an opportunity to raise any concerns they may have.

Transition reviews should generally take place in the autumn term, organized between a local authority and the young person's parents or guardians. The local authority should request advice and information about the pupil from parents, the school, the local authority, and healthcare and social care professionals, where appropriate.

As part of the transition review / preparing for adulthood process, you may find the resources below helpful

Reviews in Year 9 and 11